Ryerson's First Annual Faculty of Arts Involvement Fair

Hello fellow Faculty of Arts students!

Today is my last day of work before exams and the long-anticipated winter break. However, before that I wanted to let everyone know about an exciting event that recently took place in the Faculty of Arts.

Ryerson’s first annual Faculty of Arts Involvement Fair, brain child of Student Life Coordinator Stephan Tang, took place on November 11, 12 and 14 in the centre Hub Cafeteria. The event was planned in order to provide Faculty of Arts students with a venue to learn about what opportunities for them to get involved exist on campus. Representatives from: the Philosophy Club, World University Services, AIESEC, RyeACCESS, the Women’s Centre, the History Club, the Arteries Conference, Ryerson Entrepreneur Institute, Invisible Children: Schools for Schools, the Continuist, the English Club, English Language Support, Tri-Mentoring, ISS, LEAD, VAST, Exchanges, the Psychology Course Union, the Politics Course Union, the Criminal Justice Course Union, the ACS Course Union and the Ryerson University Accounting Society had booths at the event. Students who attended the fair had the chance to talk with involved students and hear about opportunities for involvement that are available to them, all of which were selected because of their appeal to Faculty of Arts students. But if you missed this year’s event, never fear, just make sure you keep your ears open and check it out next year!

Do you feel like you belong at Ryerson?

I know as a student that it can be difficult to establish a sense of connection with the university that goes beyond classroom learning and that’s what makes involvement so important. To explore this idea further I asked two involved arts students for their thoughts. Here is what they told me about getting involved and how it has enhanced their university experience and instilled them with a sense of belonging.

Danielle Dye, 2nd year Arts and Contemporary Studies
How are you involved?: Alternative Spring Break 2009 Team Member, volunteer for orientation. I will be presenting to the winter term ACS 402 students information about different groups to get involved with concerning international issues as well as my experiences in 402 last year to introduce Rob's new service learning option.
What does it mean to be involved and why is it important?: Getting involved is "University." It can take what you've learned in the classroom and help you to apply it on a whole new level. Knowing that your voice CAN be heard is a refreshing, motivating and empowering tool you can use to make what was once a dream become reality. BE the Change.

Salisha Mohammed, 4th year Sociology
Why did you choose to get involved?: I chose to get involved because I wanted to get to know more people around campus. I wanted to feel a sense of belonging to my school and I want to give back to the community in which I study.
What are you involved in and what does it entail?: I am currently the Public Relations and Communications Delegate for the Ryerson Sociology Students' Union. Basically, my job is to get our name out there. I have to make the connections on behalf of the course union and do all of the lovely public speaking.
In addition, I am also the lead mentor for the Faculty of Arts at the Tri-Mentoring program. I assist first year students in my program with their transition to university. I also monitor mentee/mentor relationships and ensure that the mentee and mentor are getting the best benefits of the program.
How has being involved benefited you?: Being involved it the greatest thing I ever did! I honestly do not regret it and I would strongly recommend it to everyone. I have met the most amazing people who have become my mentors in life. I have gained great leadership skills and I am connected with my school. I feel as though I finally belong there. Being involved made me love school even more because it gave me the chance to get involved with things that I love and have a huge interest in.

So on that note, go out there and get iNvolved!

But until next semester, good luck on your exams and I hope everyone has a jolly holiday season and a happy new year!



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